About Quick Sand - Sand Speed Sculpting©™

Others may try to imitate it but, "NO ONE" puts on a show like The Sand Lovers "QuickSand, Speed Sand Sculpting Show".

Bring immediate excitement to your sand sculpting competition or any outdoor event with our fast paced, interactive show called Quick Sand ©™

Put your company logo in front of thousands of people!!!

The Sand Lovers has created a proven crowd pleaser at our recent competitions; Quick Sand ©™ ” is a speed sculpting competition where two sand sculptors are pitted against each other, head to head, in a 10 minute sculpt-off’!


How it works

The Sand Lovers has specially designed podiums equipped with advertising
space on the front and rotating platforms, on top that hold a 5 gallon pound-up
of virgin sand. The host introduces the two competing sculptors (complete with theme music) and they take their place behind their respective podium. The audience chooses the subject, which remains unknown to the sculptors until just before the host announces it and says "GO". The sculptors then have ten minutes to carve the subject. Once time ends the host asks for applause to choose the winner who will continue to the next round on their way to the championship!

The shows are arranged similar to a sports bracket break down. Ultimately, leaving two sculptors competing for the championship round.

Quick Sand ©™ and your event

The Sand Lovers deliberately designed “Quick Sand ©™
” to interact with the crowd and create an excitement. We space out shows throughout the day in an attempt to maintain our crowd attendance. The longer guests attend, the better the event appears and the more money our vendors make.

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Quick Sand ©™ Standings

Quick Sand ©™ ”Top Seeded Sculptors

Melineige Beauregard 55 Points
Morgan Rudluff 39 points
Suzanne Altamare 34 Points
Carl Jara 21 Points

Quick Sand ©™ ” Champions

American Championships (2014) - Abe Waterman, Canada
American Championships (2014) - Kenneth Collins, Texas
Navarre Beach (2014) - Suzanne Altamare, Florida
Blue Water SandFest (2014) - Abe Waterman, Canada
Blue Water SandFest (2014) - Bryan Obermyer, Michigan
American Championships (2013) - Melineige Beauregard, Quebec
American Championships (2013)- Kevin Dimeglio, Michigan
Navarre Beach (2013) - Jon Woodworth, Texas
Blue Water Sand Fest (2013) - Melineige Beauregard, Quebec
Sand Bash (Fort Myers Beach) (2013) -Morgan Rudluff, CA
Sand Bash (Fort Myers Beach) (2013) - Agnese Kirilova, Latvia
American Championships (2012)- Karen Fralich, Ontario Canada
Navarre Beach (2012) - Rusty Croft, Carmel California
Federal Way Washington (2012) - Carl Jara Cleveland, Ohio
Sand Bash (Fort Myers Beach) (2012) - Joris Kivits Netherlands
Federal Way Washington (2011) - Carl Jara - Cleveland, Ohio
Navarre Beach (2011) - Sue McGrew, Tacoma Washington
Virginia Beach (2011) - Susanne Russler, Netherlands
Worlds Doubles (Siesta Key) (2011) - Joo Heng Tan, Singapore
Worlds Solos (Fort Myers Beach) (2011) - Melineige Beauregard, Quebec Canada

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